Friday, April 20, 2007



This post is comin' atcha live from Best Buy. There's a computer running Vista (which looks pretty, but that could also be the wide screen monitor it's on) that has an open internet connection, so I can blog, although it might have to be cut short.

Focus is currently at the Toyota dealership (BB is next door) getting an alignment and my brand new tires mounted on my set of stock steelies that came with the car. I decided to go with street tires over race tires because they'll last longer and if something bad happens to my everyday tires, then we'll have a back-up.

Haha, some lady just asked why Dyson vacuums are so expensive. Cuz they kick ass lady. Why are black truffles and cognac so expensive? Cuz they kick ass too.

Ok, this is weird and even though no one has asked yet, I'm gonna go. I'll be back either later today or tomorrow morning. Shit almost forgot!

HAPPY 420 EVERYONE! And also a birthday shout out to Adolf Hitler, you were a great leader and how you got an entire nation to support genocide, I'll never know.

So however you decide to celebrate today, be safe and treat your fellow man with courtesy.

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