Thursday, April 12, 2007


Eeeew, what's that stuck in your head?

I woke up this morning and had My Humps stuck in my head. Not Fergie's version but Alanis' version. It had its 15 seconds of internet fame last week, but I never actually watched it. It's kind of like the sad, slow version of "America, Fuck Yeah!" from Team America: World Police.

Guess who ran into Dave Chappelle the other day! Me? I wish. No, some guy named Photo Matt. To prove he isn't a liar, he deftly snapped a pic with his Blackberry. He might need some more ninja photo practice, cuz I think Dave noticed. But it's a nice story. Dave insisted they get on the escalator before him and then called after them when Matt's wife dropped her parking ticket. How did I find this? I was listening to some of Dave's stand-up on Youtube as I was working last night and started to miss him, so I googled him to see if he had a blog or anything that had his current projects or what he had for breakfast last Monday, but found Matt's story instead. So as of almost 1.5 weeks ago, Dave was in a mall in San Francisco. As a public service announcement for famous and infamous people, if they have a catch phrase that is exceedingly popular, don't continually scream it at them. It might get old and they might want some payback, so you know what happens then? They hire a PI to follow you or ask your friends for an expression you use alot, let's pretend you say "crotchweasel" alot. So now this person, who probably has more money, free time and connections than you, can start a national campaign to get you known as that "Crotchweasel guy" and people will incessantly call you Crotchweasel. Hey crotchweasel! How's that crotchweasel, crotchweasel?

I love it when you say or write something too much that you don't normally say or write alot; the word almost loses all meaning. I just had to google weasel to make sure I was spelling it right, but that didn't occur to me until after I wrote it 5 or 6 times. I've also done it with the word geography. Instead of pronouncing it the correct way, you pronounce the "geo-" like geology and then "-graphy" will sound more like Grammy. I complete forgot how to say it the proper way for a few seconds. Try it with some word you use everyday. It's fun.

Pre-oral is less than a week away! Go time!

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