Friday, April 13, 2007


Busy weekend

Last weekend before the pre-oral. We know what that means right? Exactly. All work and no play will officially get Seth into the PhD program. I'll be here but probably won't be blogging. Big shock, no posts on the weekend.

I was eating breakfast (some leftover polenta with cheese, pasta sauce and I added some shredded chicken) and saw that F1 practice was on. So I know how I'll be starting my Saturday and Sunday. It will go something like this. Wake up. Plop onto couch and Sat. watch qualifying, while watching, eat breakfast and while making breakfast, make lunch, finish qualifying, then go to work for at least 6 hours, maybe more. Come home, eat dinner, study, sleep. Wake up and repeat except replace qualifying with the race. They're in Bahrain this weekend and were in Malayasia last weekend. In addition to the exorbitant amounts of money these cars cost to develop and build, another huge expense is flying your huge crew around the world in short amounts of time.

Should be a good one. It's always a fight between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikonnen, but we'll have to see if anyone else makes a run for the top spot on the podium.

Found 2 awesome blogs/posts yesterday. One is from Jon, Bill and Nick over at Progressive Boink. They recap Calvin and Hobbes' 25 greatest comic strips. If you've never read Calvin and Hobbes, do yourself a favor and read through at least one of their books. Bill Waterson has such incredible talent and such a wicked sense of humor. I would like to think he helped make me the sarcastic smart ass I am today. Thanks Bill!

I also stumbled across Lobstar's "Tribute to the Cover Song" blog. Some good covers and it's always interesting to hear other people's interpretations of songs. The title of the blog is Copy, Right?

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