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Ever wonder why English is hard for some people to speak? I think it's all the consonants that we try and jam together. Other languages are used to pronouncing every letter and we're jamming them together, merging the sounds into our beloved (and 2nd most widely spoken) language. I had a teacher who was Hispanic once tell me one of the hardest words for her to pronounce correctly was "shrimp". Spanish doesn't have the "sh" sound and then to toss another consonant in the mix is just mean. And don't even get me started on the rules and the inevitable exceptions to said rules and the fact that our vowels change sounds. At least we use the Roman alphabet.

Your hearing. It gets worse and worse everyday. But it seems some people go out of their way to make their hearing worse as fast as possible. Case in point, I was riding the elevator from the 1st to the 4th floor and there was another student riding in there with me. I was listening to some techno song on J's ipod and could actually hear her music over mine! WTF, mate? My rule of thumb when listening to a personal audio device is, especially inside, that you should be able to have a normal conversation with someone while your music is playing. You shouldn't have to pause your music to talk to someone. If you do, odds are your music is too loud and you might be doing irreparable damage to your hearing.

So I need a little business card that says something like "Hi! I'm a concerned individual and I feel that your music is too loud. You are permanently damaging your hearing by having the volume up so loud." And then provide a link to an auditory specialist or general hearing concern website.

It's been the same story ever since headphones were invented. Walkmans, discmans and now ipods. I just don't want to be yelling at a 65 year old person and they can't hear me shouting "BUS!" because they listened to their Widespread Panic too loud with headphones on.

Also, please consider using earplugs if you attend anything loud with great frequency or even just once or twice. There is a reason those guys directing planes where those gigantic headphone/earmuff things. Jet engines are loud, pain threshold loud. So if you attend NASCAR events, other high level automotive event, concerts, etc... please consider wearing ear plugs. Don't do it for me, do it for your grandkids.

Big Pharma coming tomorrow.

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