Thursday, March 29, 2007


They won't let me drive late at night

I hit a huge No Doubt section on J's shuffle walking from the car this morning.

I'm sick of studying. But I know I can't stop because a 6 year Masters degree just doesn't look good. It isn't the end of the world but it isn't a good start to my post-school career. Everyone thinks I'll do well and pass. Like they're really going to say, "You're screwed. There's no way in hell you're gonna pass." That person would be a jerk and not so much my friend.

Found a couple interesting blogs and websites while trolling the internet yesterday.

First up is the Eat Local Challenge. It's a site devoted to encourage people to be more educated about where the products they purchase are coming from. Did that tilapia come from China or Bob by the lake? Is that a South African orange or a Florida orange? The idea is to reduce the distance that your food has to travel, which saves gas and also supports local farmers and businesses.

These two sites overlap with this post. It's about processed foods, specifically milk. But it includes this link to a presentation that Sally Fallon, who is head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, gave at the annual conference of consumer health in Canada in March, 2002. It's a very good and highly distressing read. I read it while I worked out yesterday. Exercising the body and mind at the same time! (ugh, that was lame) But it just talked about how initially the processing of food made it better and last longer (think medieval and pilgrim times) but now it is essentially killing us because the industrial processing that food goes through now drastically alters its chemical makeup and is harming us. The "natural" and artificial flavors that are now added into almost everything are not good and probably causing many health problems. It's a great article and you should read it, or print it out and read it at your leisure.

The second site, which I mentioned above, is Wise Bread - Living Large on a Small Budget. So far I really like this site. It runs the gamut from crazy cheap to inexpensive and healthy. Confused? How 'bout some examples?
Save the World and Save a Dime: Eat Locally
Buy a drink and get a free Whopper - everyday?
The Ghetto Mac - yours for $1 + small fries - if the written description makes you queasy, don't watch the video. It isn't gross but it showcases lots of McDonalds "food".

There are still people who haven't seen SuperSize Me. Incredible. I might just have to buy it on DVD, install a TV in my car viewable from the rear and have it played on heavy rotation.

After my pre-oral, I plan to dive headfirst into my eating locally. I will talk to the produce managers of my local grocery stores. I will call the two farms that I found on the internet to find out what they sell and its prices. I will talk with my local produce stand and ask her where her products are coming from. I will go by my local food co-op and check it out.

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