Monday, March 19, 2007


Spring Break, Woohoo!

Yep, it's Spring Break in good ol' South Kakalakie. Everyone knows what that means right? Students go home, go to the beach or just hang out in their apartment for the week and don't even think about school. Others, like one of my students, do some weeklong internship or student teaching because it's the only time available.

But for grad students it means so much more. It means a week of peace and quiet during the semester. Parking was a joy, even coming in at a very late and leisurely 10:30. Empty spots as far as your eye can see. And if you're enrolled in a class, you don't have to go this week. Teach lab? No lab for you! So I'm looking forward to my week without undergrads. Only downside is that the on-campus eatery we frequent doesn't care about anyone other than undergrads, so they close down whenever they leave. Thanks for caring Aramark!



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