Friday, March 02, 2007


Sneaky Pete's

That's actually a hot dog chain. Not sure where, but definitely in AL.

Just a few thoughts and a sneak preview of future posts. Please read my real post for today that is just below this one.

Saturday night at 5:44 pm Eastern there will be a lunar eclipse. Asia and the Americas will see a partial one and the best view will be in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. If you live in Alaska, Australia or New Zealand, sorry, no eclipse for you.

A German brother and sister are challenging Germany's incest laws. Gross. But I'm sure there are pockets of people round the world who would gladly join the fight if the rest of the world wouldn't point our fingers and say "Eeeeewwwwwww."

Please keep the Bluffton University baseball team in your thoughts. Their bus took a dive off an overpass in ATL this morning. Here's the article, read it if you want but definitely click on the lick that says "(Animation: Route taken before tragedy)". Seems like the driver wasn't used to HOV exits?

Sneaky Preview: I need to come up with a card to help save others' hearing.
Bad and good sides to the pharmaceutical industry.
My leisurely mountain drive I'm planning with some other folks.


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