Tuesday, March 06, 2007


No one's going to pijaminate my body!

New Simpsons episode from Sunday, the Jewish bully whose name is (googled) Dolph said it. He's the one on the right.

And J brought up a good point. Matt Groening, you'll want to pay attention to this. So according to the Spellympics episode, episode 12 from Season 14, Cletus and Brandine have a baby named Rubella because as Lisa is jogging and spelling, Cletus asks her how to spell scabies and then Brandine says "Rubella, you got yourself a middle name!"

However, from this past episode, it appears she was forgotten, but I guess what do you expect from a slack-jawed yokel? Also, it appears thanks to wikipedia, this is not the first time some of the Spuckler chitlins have been left out. Check out the whole saga here. Also never name your children after a truck, incest or a drug. I guess Mary Jane would be one of the few exceptions. Maybe Silverado? Oh, Sierra is also an exception. F-150, bad. Crack, really bad.

I'm buying some brake pads and a set of wheels off of a guy in the sportscar club. He only wants $100 for it all! Crazy good deal, even if the wheels are no namers from ebay.

Um, I'm out for right now. Oh, didn't I promise you some posts on Friday? Yep, let's copy them to over here.
Sneaky Preview2: I need to come up with a card to help save others' hearing.
Bad and good sides to the pharmaceutical industry.
There we go. I'll get to those this week, just like our Thank You notes, which we still haven't done. Yeah, we're coming down to the wire.


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