Friday, March 09, 2007


Happy China Garden 47

I might eat there if someone recommended it.

Aha! Ear plugs. They save your hearing and block out all the bad juju noises from your surroundings. My personal use of ear plugs has been limited to using them at Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta last year. Trust me, for those cars in a 10 hour race, you're gonna want some ear plugs. Although it was funny watching the good ol' boys next to us scream at each other and not being able to hear them.

The other use of ear plugs I have been privy to have been my friend Tom who comments on here occasionally (who is going to Venice today and traveling around with his friend who currently lives in Slovenia, have fun Tom!) who uses them while we're camping, and my mom who uses them because it's the only way she can get a decent nights sleep next to my father, who could easily be mistaken for a chainsaw. My mom, sure she's a mom, and my dad really does snore loudly. You can poke him and he'll roll over for a bit, but it's only temporary.

The other case, to me, is almost like cheating. Camping is about being in the woods and communing with nature. And scaring the crap out of yourself imagining there is a marauding band of bears coming through your campsite. I understand why he uses them, but I don't agree with it. There's alot of stuff that Tom and I don't agree on, but we're okay with that. I have my own getting to sleep while camping trick, which involves Tylenol PM, so I guess I'm cheating too. But damn it works.

We're going skiing tomorrow. Here. No it won't be that cold and no it hasn't for real snowed there in a month or so, but they've been churning out the fake stuff as fast as they can. I get the pleasure of driving one of the 12 passenger vans up there. Great. Like I was telling the other drivers, it isn't the drive up there I'm worried about, it's the drive back. And the fact that those things are behemoths and we'll be going through mountain roads. So I'll be in "Drive like Grandma. Don't kill 8 people." mode. It'll work out, I'm just gonna need a cooler full of Red Bull or I might even have to go for the uber caffeinated drinks. And Red Bull makes me pee. I heard from an actual Red Bull employee that it is the glucuronalactone that causes this. Sure. I'll buy that.

And if anyone lives in Brooklyn and wants to taste some serious beer this weekend, I would highly recommend going to check out the "Split Thy Brooklyn Skull VIII" which is a barleywine festival. Just from the name and the beer list, it looks like barleywine is a fancy name for beer with about twice as much alcohol as normal grocery store beer. And the beer list will be different for both Saturday and Sunday. This one from Saturday "Sixpoint Bolshoi Russian Imperial Stout (10.2%) (2005)" sounds delicious. Wow, if I was rich, I would totally blow of skiing and go get loaded on some delicious super beer in Brooklyn this weekend. Check these out from Sunday: Legacy Fantasy Raspberry Belgian Strong Ale (9.5%)
Weyerbacher Insanity Oak Aged Barley Wine (11.1%)
I'm a sucker for raspberries and the other just sounds devine.
Holy crap!:
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA (21%)
21%? That's like drinking a straight liquer. Wow, I am now officially jealous of anyone living in Brooklyn and anyone who is going to this festival. I would ask for a shirt but that will be a poor substitute for all that beer. Maybe soak up some of the beer and then mail it so I can at least smell it? Eh, maybe not.

I hereby vow to attend at least one beer festival this year, as you as my witness! And have someone else drive me home I also vow.

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