Monday, March 05, 2007


The Bob Loblaw Law Blog

If only I had seen that episode of Arrested Development around the time I started this blog, I'm fairly certain that would've been the name of this blog. Let's see if someone else already has it. Wow, there is and he actually is Robert Loblaw. That's awesome. But isn't taken yet. I might have to go ahead and cybersquat on that bad boy.

Oh, the real Bob Loblaw's Law blog. Another link from a guy at the Chicago Tribune who just did the search I did. And some funny comments from one of Bob's posts. Apparently his readers didn't like the puns and double entendres being offered by Arrested Development fans. Good times.

Decent weekend. J and I were up around 8 on Saturday as a consequence of getting up that early during the week. It sucks but it's more time to do as little as you want. Let's do some lazy math. If you get up at 8 am and watch TV for 4 hours, it's only noon. If you get up at noon and then watch 4 hours of TV, it's 4 pm and your day is pretty much shot.

We did our taxes last night. We're getting some money back, but I can't wait till we have a kid and/or own our own house. Deductions galore. And as is, our income would fall below the Earned Income Credit, so we would get mad loot back from the government, with a kid that is. Without a kid the cut-off is a ridiculously low $11,750. Holy crap. I think full-time at McD's pays more than that. And that's for 2 people if I read that right.

And once I open up my own business, then I can start deducting business expenses. Sweet! And if I get audited, which would suck, I could either suck it up and take it like a man or flee the country like other rich people do. To a country without an extradition agreement with the US of course.

So after paying our minister $400 for the hour of work that he did at our wedding, another aspect of our eco-lodge will be destination eco-weddings. And you can either have the traditional Southern Baptist raised white guy perform your ceremony or a Catholic raised Korean perform your ceremony, that should cover most people. I'm sure we could find a native of whatever land we decided to open our eco-lodge in to perform some ceremonies too. Just another aspect of Eco-Resort ParaBliss (see? it's paradise and bliss crammed into one word, no we won't use that, it's terrible)

We did our taxes through H&R Block. They were doing the federal return for free and the state for $30. And since we're trying to save money instead of nickel and dime ourselves into the poorhouse, I have decided to print out a copy of our fed return and then fill out the state by hand. I think it'll work out and we'll save a little bit of money. But dammit! It adds up, I'm tellin' ya!

Doh, I gotta go check my Facebook account. A few people want to be my friends. Oh, funny story. There is someone who wants to be my friend on Facebook. However, she's not my favorite and I think she was skimming off the top of our student organization, so she's in Facebook Purgatory, waiting to see if I will be her friend or not. I don't think she should hold her breath.


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