Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Blue cheese

Why is mold on some cheese delicious and gross on others?

J and I are looking for a new place to live. So far it's been pretty frustrating. We found a very cute house in a nice planned subdivision that is $134,000 for a 2bed/2bath and a garage, but we're not really looking for a house and don't want to use every last penny we have on a down-payment. We're still planning on renting. Everything is either too expensive or too crappy. One house we looked at had one closet. One. No dishwasher and the sink in the bathroom was a pedestal one so not even under sink storage in there. And they wanted $650/month. Crazy. You would have to knock at least 50 off of that just so we could afford the storage unit to keep all our stuff. We have an appointment to look at a duplex that is close to our apt. now and from the outside they look nice and the realtor said that the kitchen is being renovated this summer, which means all new appliances for us if we live there in July/August. I really hope we like it.

Oh yeah, another place, we made too much money to live there. It's a LIHTC which stands for low income housing tax credit. And for 2 people to pay $595/month, we were only allowed to make $22,600/year gross. So we did some quick math and took out a quarter for taxes, then 12 months of rent and came up with around $9500 for every other expense for the whole year. WTF mate? That would be an impressive feat. I told the lady that I guess my wife could quit her job, of course then we wouldn't be able to pay rent. Maybe if you are in fact a low income household, then maybe you also are getting some welfare or food stamps cuz that's the only way you could make ends meet if you were to live in this supposed "low income housing". And then I wanted to ask how they determine everything and if we could count the cats as people, but I didn't want to go through the hassle of buying them social security numbers and falsifying documents, so we'll keep looking.

I've taken up residence in our spare bedroom. I'll be living in there until my pre-oral is over. It's nice since we moved out the TV and the computer there is only small furry distractions running over your papers and books every once in a while and even then you could close the door if you wanted and keep Julio and Leon out.



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