Friday, March 02, 2007


The ability to add 2 digit numbers is NOT witchcraft!

-Lisa Simpson, not from the Treehouse of Horrors XVII episode like I thought, it's actually from The Wettest Stories Ever Told episode 374.

First a few thanks. Thanks to all my regular readers for dropping by every once in a while to check in on me and how we're all doing over here in Crazy Lawsuit Game Land.

Second I would like to thank my new commenters! Thank you ladies for dropping by and leaving a note. Not sure if it was a one-time thing but thanks anyway.

To Lise: Your Eco-Tropical Resorts site looks like a great resource for eco-friendly vacationers!

To Mrs. Mogul: Happy Birthday! (Hers was on Wednesday) Your blog is colorful and updated frequently and contains many stories about movies and TV, both of which are big favorites of mine. And there is a special place in my heart for blogs by New Yorkers. You're in there too Evil Julie. The rest of my bloggers have special places in my heart too, so don't worry.

To Jay: She runs a blog named "Kill The Goat". Not sure if she doesn't like goats or really likes goat burgers. Go check out Jay and Jason's recent trek through the woods. And I'm sure there are foods that you love that Jason doesn't like, therefore you never get to enjoy them.

And to each of you, for your kind comments, you will all be getting your own permanent links in the sidebar. I may just squeeze you in to a section that already exists or I might make up a visiting/commenting bloggers section. We shall soon find out.

In other NY related news, I received the NY Times email about some goings-on in the NY area. Specifically Grandmaster Flash will be spinning at APT. If you don't know who Grandmaster Flash is, please crawl out from that big rock you call a home and check out his site and his wiki site. Apparently APT is one of those places too cool to have a sign, but it does have an address, so here is the Google Maps overhead shot, and I'm sure if you arrive early enough, you should be able to track it down. It sounds like a very cool place.

If you're in NY but DJs aren't your thing, then head over to MoMA and check out their "Conversations with Contemporary Artists" in the Barton Theater at 6:30 today. The artist's name is Swoon and here is a sample of her street art that has been defaced:

Weird. There is also some sort of manifesto posted over her work. Here is an interview with some of her work that she did with gammablog. And here is the article about how her work is being defaced by a rogue menace. (If you don't have a NY Times log-in name, then get one and sign up for their emails. I get their DriveTimes, Circuits with David Pogue, the Art one and the Food one, and their daily headlines)

If it were me and I lived in NY or one of the burroughs and had no plans tonight, I now know what I would be doing.

In more personal news, J and I gave up going out to eat for Lent. It's going pretty well. Some temptation but neither of us have broken yet. We made a delicious bolognese sauce from the Williams & Sonoma slow-cooker cookbook we recieved as a wedding present. It's a "More to Store" recipe because it called for roughly 1.5 lbs of vegetables and 3 lbs. of ground beef. Yeah, that's alot of sauce. So far with our sauce we have made, rigatoni bolognese and polenta gratin with bolognese sauce. Tonight we're making stuffed manicotti bolognese. We froze some and might have a bit left over to satisfy J's pasta cravings.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend! I may pop in for a rare weekend post, but no promises. Now to add sidebar links!


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