Tuesday, February 06, 2007


They're made to be broken

I'm thinking about adding a couple new links to the sidebar. Ran across them yesterday while surfing ye olde internet. Both very antiestablishment, for which I am a sucker.

First one is Graffiti Research Lab. They have transcended the traditional paint can and are getting hi-tech with their graffiti. Examples:

With these being throwies, little magnetic LED clusters.

And also with everyone's friend, the laser and projector.

Very cool and while not permanent, definitely makes its mark.

The second is the Anti-Advertising Agency. They are exactly what they say they are. They feel the world is too saturated with ads and are taking a stand. For example, this video shows how to make your average TV into art, also not permanent but I might try it for my next party. They also have some "You don't need it" stickers so you can help out the cause. Example of the sticker in action. Seem like a good idea and I'm all for less visible advertising cuz once they figure out how to beam ads into our dreams (product placement at its finest), it'll be all downhill.

Yes I now loves scarves. They're great! Warm and comfy. I only have two and one is being washed so I'm down to one scarf. My labmates were discussing the other day about how Bossman and I are the only ones who can pull off scarves. Huh? I thought everyone could but I'm still a scarf newbie, so maybe I'm wrong.

No pictures yet. I need to get some stuff up on ebay also. Hopefully I can get to some of that tonight.


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