Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Send some good thoughts

There was a girl who was hit by the CATbus around 12:15 this afternoon. No details but we do know that she was trapped under the bus and was then air-lifted to an area hospital.

This is a quote from an eyewitness:
Yeah, I saw the whole thing. She was walking in the crosswalk when the CAT bus hit her. She looked pretty mangled and I heard troopers say she might lose a leg if she survives from the injuries. It was gruesome and disturbing to watch something like that.
So please keep this girl and her family and friends in your thoughts. I'll update with more details when I get them.

Update: Unfortunately she didn't make it. My heart fell when I heard. Local story.

Update #2: WYFF 4 News sucks! They jumped the gun on the story! She's alive! Hooray! Apparently there were "conflicting reports". Right. But she is in stable condition and was airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital and her name may or may not be Kellie Jureka and she may or may not be a freshman physics major.

Update #3: She has a Facebook page, (you may or may not be able to see it) if it is in fact the girl from the above update. From some other accounts it sounds like she was trying to catch the bus and ran right in front of it. Whatever happened, I hope she makes it out of this stronger and wiser and comes back and kicks physics ass!

Update #4: An eyewitness account from a guy on the bus who struck Kellie
i was in the bus.... it was horrible, the worst thing i've ever seen in my life

if she does make it she is going to be screwed up for life

to clear some things up that i read:

-she wasn't on the phone
-it was DEFINATELY the drivers fault - he turned into her.... if he had went straight and slowed down a little he woudl have missed her
-he didn't brake till he hit her
-he had AMPLE time to slow down or turn away from her instead of into her... she didn't walk out right infront of it.... the bus was a ways down the road when she walked out..... not like he didn't have anytime to react
-she was in the middle of the road when she got hit... he turned that way and she was walking to the left... so he turned into her!
-the driver was an elderly man
-the bus was not going around anything or get moved after the accident... he turned into her... i can't figure out why
-she was out in the open walking from the right side of the road to the left and she was pined under the right side of the bus right under where u go to get in and under the right front tire some.... once again... if he went straight and slowed down he woudl have missed her

this is a PERFECT example of why they should test these drivers on some type of course before letting them drive.... nobody on the bus said to slow down or anything b/c it was so obvious that we assumed that he saw her.... i saw her WAY before he started turning into her or anything.... i have no f-in idea wtf he was thinking....
Yikes. The driver has already quit by the way.

Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

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