Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Portable rage

It really is, and it usually isn't pretty. However it can sometimes provide some healthy motivation.

I haven't posted about Anna Nicole's passing because I figured Hef had it under control. And there are such bigger stories in the world, despite what Fox News and other mass media reports on. Some guy killed 5 people and injured 4 in a mall shooting in Utah yesterday. Awful. You always need to keep your eyes and ears open. Trust no one.

So J was reading my blog last night and claimed that I didn't tell her about it. Then this morning I was thinking about that. I know I talked to someone on the phone right after I got done eating and I'll bet dollars to donuts that it was her. But my stupid water logged cell phone can't help me out.

Good news: All I had to do to reactivate my old cell phone was plug in my SIM card. There wasn't even a "SIM card insertion fee" or anything!

More medicinal marijuana news, it now helps with well, I'll let the experts sum it up.
Conclusion: Smoked cannabis was well tolerated and effectively relieved chronic neuropathic pain from HIV-associated sensory neuropathy. The findings are comparable to oral drugs used for chronic neuropathic pain.
The link to the abstract is here, but apparently Clemson doesn't have a subscription to Neurology so I can't read the full article, not that I would or would even feign comprehension. So Nixon's and the DEA's stance that marijuana has no medicinal purpose (hence the Schedule I status) is rapidly being filled with holes. Here's a link to what is neuropathic pain?

We went to the Greenville zoo on Saturday also. It's a very nice little zoo and it is adjacent to a city park which makes it seem larger. There weren't tons of animals and some were inside since the high was in the high 40s or low 50s. The lions are in storage somewhere while they get their new habitat built, scheduled to open this summer. The orangutans weren't out because the sign said they would only be out if the temp was at least in the 60s with light to no wind, so we didn't get a chance to see the new baby orang.

There were 2 African elephants, some Lemurs, ring-tailed of course, a Colobus monkey who was keeping his naughty bits warm by rubbing them, very funny and bright pink, alligators, snapping turtles, some Gibbons who were being very vocal and 4 very cute tortoises. A sleeping ocelot was in there somewhere too. A gorgeous owl, pot-bellied pig, ducks, swans, chickens (yeah chickens, I guess cuz they're cheap?), goats (the pig, and goats are petable but the signs encourage you to wash your hands afterwards), snakes, lizards...

There we go. The leopards were very pretty although they looked sleepy and bored.

It is set up so it is a big loop. You can get to other places by taking short-cuts but if you're not paying attention, it is very easy to see everything without actively thinking about where you're headed. Cuts down on map costs too.

J wants to get into zoological care and maybe go to vet school so she is planning on volunteering at the zoo, which I think is a great idea. She loves animals and knows lots about all kinds of different ones. She doesn't really want to just be a local vet and only do cats and dogs, so zoo is the way to go. I told her that I can't wait to travel around to different wildlife preserves with her.

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