Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything

Prof. Farnsworth from "The Farnsworth Parabox" episode. It's a good one. Parallel dimensions and all.

I had some great discussions yesterday. My friend Tom in the 'Ham and I chatted on AIM and we discussed our plan to require birth control injections when you pick up your welfare check. He thought it was a good idea but it would never get passed. I disagree. We just need to come up with a way to spin it for each group so that they see the good in it. And as J pointed out the majority of the people who would be voting on this are old people and rich people and a handful of a melting pot of people who actually care. J pointed out that poor people (the people who are directly affected by this ruling) don't vote and wouldn't really have any say in the matter. Unless they got a job and got off of welfare, which should be the goal of every welfare recipient in the first place.

I was also telling J that she should read the editorial in Playboy this month (I resubscribed this year and I have truly missed it. I'm not lying when I say that even if they took out the naked ladies, I would still read Hef's mag). It's about how our democracy is run by "the market" and our capitalism run amok has now turned our government into a corporatocracy. And it isn't just Republicans that are in the corporations pocket, it's either 1/3 or 2/3 of the Democrats too. J was pointing out that with those jokers in power and getting their kickbacks and gifts, why would they change it? I didn't want to hear her pessimistic logic and rational thinking. I wanted what faint spark of hope that is hiding deep within me to remain intact and not be snuffed out. I have to believe that the system works and that one day enough voters will want an overhaul and do away with all of this and REALLY change things. I have to believe that, I just have to. If not, all hope is lost and I might as well leave right now cuz when it all comes crashing down, I won't want to be here. All the richies will have left to their resorts in Cabo or their private islands in the Caribbean and will leave the majority of the American people to fend for themselves.

The editorial was an interview with 4 economists and they mention some books that I'm going to have to read and educate myself on this topic so that I may educate others. I'll get you their names and the book titles tonight.

In the "educating consumers" vein, I found this post from the Anti-Advertising Agency. It's called shopdropping, the opposite of shoplifting. It is a grassroots effort by PeopleProducts123 to educated consumers about where the products they are buying actually come from. Sure Coke comes from the store but where does its ingredients come from? For example, here is the new and improved packaging for lightbulbs. Easy to do and not really illegal, so get out there and educate! The More You Know...

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