Friday, February 23, 2007


No joy yet

If you get that fairly obscure quote then you have seen Trainspotting way too many times.

However, no joy yet. We weren't able to finagle Subaru's transmission back onto the engine. But I saw Protege out at the Research Park this morning and he said that he had an idea about how to get it to go. Lube, lube everything and then we should be able to pop that sucker into place. Not bad and it's worth a shot because for the 1.5 hrs we tried yesterday, we barely made any progress and tried every idea our minds could come up with.

According to Facebook I'm currently reading "To The Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf. Wow, it's such a fanciful writing, it's a mental workout just reading it. And it is apparent why she is regarded as one of the greats. Even with so many commas, commas here, commas there, it all makes sense and flows. Sure I have to reread the occasional sentence but I like it. I'm only about 40 or so pages into it, but hopefully I can finish it this weekend. I was planning on attending an autocross on Sat. but Protege backed out and I don't have any tires that are worth driving 3 hours one way to race on, so I'm staying home, cleaning and getting some work done.

I want to be rich. So does most everyone. But J and I just want the Office Space dream. To do nothing and be happy. There's more to it than that but that's where the dream starts. But what got me really thinking about it and finally spurred me to get off my ass and get involved was this article about 4 "secret" millionaires. Here are their "secrets" with my comments:
They also talked about the differences between the richies and the brokies. Richies own houses, brokies don't. Richies have little debt and the debt they do have are mortgages on their houses. But one article led me to an article about values. You don't need that new CLK 63 AMG. A 92 white Toyota Tercel will get you there too, albeit with less comfort and a little slower but MUCH cheaper. Everyone feels like we're in America and Bob over there has the new 450 GB Ipod and I want one too and dammit, I should have one. So we whip out the plastic and figure we'll pay it off in time. Just because we live in America doesn't mean we're entitled to all this stuff. It's been proven time and time again that the majority of the wealth lies with a very small minority. It's slowly trickling down but not fast enough for most.

Personally I would much rather retire a couple of years earlier than get the new Iphone right when it comes out. Sure I can afford a Wii, but I know I don't need one. My PS2 and Xbox still work just fine (I think the Xbox is hurting though). It comes down to values and what you really think is important and what actually is important. The basic human needs are: Shelter, Food and Companionship. Not Blackberries, Dubs, Whips, Blahniks, Iced Double Mochachinos or Astrolabes.

I think you just need to find a balance. Find the line and cross it occasionally but you can't put your future in jeopardy to live on the other side of that line. Live within your means. Live below your means. Live well below your means for a few months out of the year and see what happens.

The areas I need to work on is: Gadgets and cars. I want them all. Each and every one. But I'm slowly coming to the realization that they're luxuries and I'm going to need to give up something else in order to get them. So think about your finances. Anything you could live without? Anything you could live without to get something you really really want?

Also I added my new fancy gmail email address to my profile. Woohoo! Thanks go out to my good friend Dave for inviting me.

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