Thursday, February 01, 2007


I need 18 gallons of milk!

It is now raining but it had been snowing. I got up, threw on some long johns and jeans and made my snowman. Unfortunately I should've made it sooner, the snow was going from powder to slush right before my eyes.

Clemson is on a 2 hour delay which is why I'm still at home.

I'm planning a photo post for tomorrow or maybe tonight if my soccer game is cancelled. Huh, just told me that cancelled with -ll- is the British spelling of that word. Looks better to me. The l needs a friend in between all those damn vowels.

Yes I'm finally on an intramural soccer team. It's with the guys that I occasionally play with on Saturdays. Our team name is "Turkish Rebels" cuz most of the guys are Turkish. Attention FBI, I am NOT a Turkish rebel. I'm a white college kid who loves America. But if the Christian Right gets their way, I will move elsewhere.

J just left for work. I'm concerned some for her but mostly for everyone else on the road. Southerners don't know how to drive in snow and ice. It's a practice thing; we don't ever get any and that coupled with the fact that they can't drive very well in the first place, makes me concerned.

Phew, J just came back after sliding through two stop signs. Praise Jebus!

Okay, you guys might luck out and get that photo post sooner than you think.

Today is definitely a work at home day. But I do have to teach this afternoon. Hopefully this stuff will mostly melt by then.

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