Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Assault with Batteries

J was watching "The Hills" on MTV last night and I was making dinner and half watching/listening to it. J knows to call me for the good parts. But I just wanted to point out to anyone who watches that show what a GIGANTIC DOUCHEBAG that ass Spence or Spencer or whatever the hell his douchey name is. Why are all the guys on that show cock stains? I haven't seen one positive male role model on that show yet. And the girl who picked her man over Paris should still be kicking herself. I think hearing that the girl who went in her place got to go hang out at Coco Chanel's house was enough of a kick in the gut.

So DocintheBox tagged me the other day to come up with 6 weird things about myself. Great.

1) I have never had major surgery. Only an ingrown toenail fixed and some molars taken out. That's it.

2) I haven't been to the dentist in at least 4 years. I know, I know, I need to go and will before the semester is up. I promise.

3) I can sleep pretty much anywhere in any situation. School and airports have taught me to sleep sitting upright. Now if I could sleep with my eyes open I would never have to wake up. My first college roommate taught me how to sleep with the radio and lights on. Thanks Jameson for staying up until 4 am while I went to sleep at midnight.

4) Not weird but some of you may not know. I lost my virginity at 20, didn't drink until 19-20, and have only had sex with 3 people, all women.

5) I am fairly addicted to technology but have immense amounts of respect for people who don't have TVs in their house.

6) Ugh, almost done. I have a great knack for getting crappy songs that are stuck in my head unstuck. The trick is sing a song you love and know really well to yourself until that song is stuck in your head, so at least the bad song is out and is replaced by one you actually like.

I tag: No one. I am a tag killer. I stop the insanity. I completely accept the consequences of my actions.

Pictures! No snow pics yet but they're coming. For now just a few wedding pics:

J and I entering the reception.

Garter toss! Pictured are J's brother, Protege and his fiance, my first roommate from up here and many others.

Bouquet toss! Pretty much all of J's Orlando friends, her (and my new) niece, Protege's fiance again, and Subaru is in there too.

J's crazy Grandpa from Queens, J looking uber-lovely, and Subaru's wife

Banquet hall, calm before the storm.

It was an amazing time and everyone had fun. I'll get some more up and those "cat in snow" pics I promised.

And lastly, our tiny Christmas presents:

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