Thursday, January 18, 2007


Who needs courage when you have.....a gun!

Prof. Farnsworth from one of the "Tales of Interest" episodes of Futurama. I believe the story title was Whizzin' as it was an homage to the Wizard of Oz. The munchkin song went something like this "We resemble but are legally distinct from the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild..." and then Nibbler ate one.

The Tales of Interest always begin with someone asking the Professor's "What If" machine a what if question. That particular one was Leela's desire to know her true home.

We had a postdoc who worked with us who really hated most everything mainstream. Music, clothing (he actually bought a Member's Only jacket off of ebay and wore it, it was awesome), and TV, except for the fact that he watched American Idol. Not all of it mind you, but just the opening shows, I think they're called selection shows, where they chronicle the tales of the nutty wannabes who slept in front of the studio for days or drove 400 miles naked in the snow just for the chance to be ridiculed by whoever the judges are. I assume Simon is still there. Paula? Has she been canned yet? But he would watch the first shows because it's all drama, joy and agony. The contestants who are so unbelievably bad that it's a wonder there friends lied to them and told them to go try out. As I said over in PoP's comment box, it's all trainwrecks and people with actual talent.

So I might be willing to watch American Idol, but I would just be watching it for the wonderfully awful contestants. Kind of like the people who only watch NASCAR for the wrecks. But then once all the contestants are selected, I would stop watching the show because I ultimately don't care whose singles I will be hearing on the radio in the near future. Or whose concerts will be coming to a town near me.

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