Monday, January 22, 2007


Weekend O'rama

Yes I've used that title before and probably will again. At least you know what you're in for.

The weekend went something like this: party, sleep, concessions at the Boston College/Clemson men's basket ball game (we won by 20), climb, shower, eat, drive to Greenville, drive back, sleep, eat, drive to Anderson, bagel/muffin/tea at Panera, shopping, nap, ride to Greenville, eat, sleep.

Notice there was no "wash dishes" or "clean shower". Yeah, it was a fairly constant weekend. J slipped in a couple loads of laundry but my chores have been postponed until tonight. I heard the dishes whispering about a mutiny, so they're first on the list. Ingrates.

Gotta go, those crystals are calling my name.



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