Thursday, January 04, 2007


Weekend of Seth

J has a bachelorette party this weekend in Orlando. She bought a plane ticket with the new el cheapo airline Allegiant Air that is a leisure destination airline. What that means is they fly from Greenville to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale and that's it. If you live more west of us, they only fly to Vegas. But I have to pick her up at noon so she can catch her flight at 2:35 today. She'll be back on Sunday around the same time. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with some basketball concession stand working, hanging out with the cats, some Castlevania, sleep, intoxicants, etc... a Weekend of Seth if you will.

EXCEPT for the fact that J didn't double check the dates when she bought her ticket. She in fact bought a ticket for NEXT Thurs. - Sun. And she kind of has to be in O'town for this bachelorette thing, which means that she will be driving there today, and since I wasn't doing anything important (campus is still dead, classes start next Wed., what dissertation?) I will be joining her.

The best part: this is not the first time J has purchased the wrong ticket. Roughly 4 years ago J was trying to purchase a ticket to fly home for Thanksgiving so she bought a ticket from Orlando to Greenville and back. She apparently forgot that she was in Greenville at the time and needed to fly from Greenville to Orlando. Yeah, she bought her opposite ticket.

Moral of the story: J is no longer allowed to purchase airline tickets. Maybe bus tickets or amusement ride tickets but no airplane tickets.

I'll give you a secondhand review of Allegiant Air after we pay the $50/segment date change fee and pay the difference in airfare ($40) for switching her mistake flight to a flight that she will actually need to fly to her friend's wedding in Feb.


I will probably update from Orlando since I don't really have anything to do this weekend.


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