Wednesday, January 24, 2007



I had been sick for a while and then thought I was better. Then went out this weekend and managed to either catch a new bug or revive the old one. Either way I resickened myself and I hate every sniffle and cough.

J and I tried out Blockbuster's online movie rental dealie. It was free for a month so we said sure. I think we're hooked now. True Blockbuster doesn't have all the movies that Netflix has but we both like the option of returning the movies to our local store and getting free rentals with the mailed movies. So with the 3 movies out at a time plan it is actually possible to have 6 movies out at a time. They also just made it so you can rent a game or a movie with the mailer. Nice.

Our latest was Donnie Darko and all I can say is damn. Highly interesting twist on time travel and the Gyllenhaal clan did a good job, both Jake and Maggie. I should probably watch it once or twice more just to catch everything but won't. For anyone who has seen the movie I just wanted to double-check I got the story. So Frank the 6 foot rabbit somehow destroyed existence but to stop it from happening, he time-traveled back and saved Donnie from dying so that he could shoot Frank in the future and stop Frank from destroying the world? And then once Donnie's job was done in the Tangent Universe (aka the other side of the worm hole), everything went back to normal and Donnie died? I'm a huge sucker for any and all things time travel and I will definitely add this one to the list.

I am also open to any suggestions for movies that you guys like. No description required besides you liking it and I'll give it a shot. So far we have a couple of seasons of 6 Feet Under and a Scrubs season in the queue. There is also Team America, Hitchhiker's Guide (both the remake and the original BBC show), and a bunch of car videos.

G4, home of X-Play and Arrested Developement re-runs, added an occasional newsfeed on the bottom of the screen but as I watched yesterday's Arrested, the feed told me that the Nintendo Wii is now the official gaming system for all Six Flags parks. I'm not really sure what that means other than the Wii is awesome and I want one. I'm sure some of you have seen the Wii Weight Loss Program. He lost 9 lbs. just by playing Wii Sports 30 min. each day. So does anyone have a good pitch to my health insurance provider to convince them that they need to buy me a Wii as preventative health care?

So have you guys been reading the comment between me and J (not my wife J)? We worked together in my previous group and am glad he found me. I had been wondering what happened to him and I was glad to let him know that he definitely made the right decision to leave that group. I should've left when he did, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. But he found me by merely googling my name in quotation marks. It was the damn Facebook badge that did it. My whole name is no where on this site, which I had been mindful of from the beginning, but stupid ass Facebook undid all that. So Facebook got their badge taken down and I just hope that the search engines reset soon so this blog doesn't pop up. Yes I want people from the past to find this blog and then we'll catch up and it'll be great, but I want them to search for specifics, either school names or teacher names, etc... Just my name is too easy.

I wouldn't mind so much but I haven't gone through all the posts and censored them for the masses. I will though, and I'll give you all a front row seat to the posts before they are gone forever.


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