Friday, January 26, 2007


Not gonna do it

I'm still phlegmy and coughey and a little achey, so it doesn't look like I'll be running tomorrow morning, which sucks but J will represent us well. And she can bundle up before the race and then hand the sweatshirt and other items to me and I can hold them until she is done with the race. The route is a loop of downtown so the spectators can use the through streets to cheer on their favorite runner at various spots. I can't imagine there will be tons of spectators since it is so bloomin' early on a cold Saturday but there will be some.

I made chicken mole (accented e) last night and it was really good. The leftover chicken I shredded and will put that into soft tacos for lunch today and we're making enchiladas with the rest tonight. There was even enough chicken leftover to freeze a couple servings for lunches or dinners at a later date. I only tried a little last night but it tasted very good. I used split breasts but next time I would use boneless meat or a meat with just one large bone because I did not enjoy picking the bones out of the mole before I poured it over the shredded chicken. It's out of our Williams & Sonoma crockpot cookbook that we recieved as a wedding present. And before you ask, yes I'll get the recipe up this weekend. It has chocolate and cinnamon in it which felt really weird but is delicious.

This weekend I plan to reorganize the spare bedroom and a closet or two. So hopefully I'll have some stuff to drop off at Goodwill and some good stuff to pawn off to some other sucker on ebay.

Story: Protege bought some tires off a guy on ebay. Shipping was $6 less than what he paid so the guy refunded that money. I told him "Yes, that's what nice ebayers do." To which he said, no way, I would've kept that money and thought of it as a processing fee. Good thing I haven't bought anything from Protege! So make sure and read the feedback from the sellers and buyers that you're dealing with, some are nice, some are not so nice and some are theives.

I'll update tomorrow with J's 5K time and the mole recipe.

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