Tuesday, January 09, 2007



I'm fighting this disease that is trying to take over my body. It's a cough with scrathcy throat and some phlegm. I hope I win.

I'm fighting this post-holiday blues and the funk that is associated with it.

Our house is slowly becoming clean and liveable again.

Leon ran outside again and spent the night outside, again. I let Julio out by himself after Leon ran out and then went to Devil-Mart. When I came back, some neighbors were trying to get a yelping cat off the roof. Yep, it was Julio. He got to the next building where the roof meets a 2nd floor landing and got down. When I called "LEON!" this morning, he came running from the woods. I'll check him for ticks later tonight.

We're making Italian brats for dinner. I'm looking forward to it. There might also be peppers and onions.

No one sells fans during winter. I meant to look in Orlando but forgot.

Shit. Have you checked out Jack's blog recently? Sadly, all it says is "Adios." We'll miss you Jack, you wrote like no other. Damn. Now his blog doesn't even register anymore. I hope he's okay. Trash said he was abducted but I don't believe him.


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