Friday, January 19, 2007


I wanna be a rock star

I don't have any real problem with Nickelback but I really dislike the lead singers dye job. No recent pictures have made it my way, but hopefully he has changed it. Oh Canada!

The rock wall went well yesterday. No new scrapes or bruises. The scrape on the back of my right hand is still healing from last week. There is a route whose hardest move is at the top when you're tired and your mind starts telling you that you can't do it. Once again it defeated me yesterday, but next time I'm doing it first and it will be my bitch.

A friend of ours is throwing a "Professor and Naughty School Girl" party tonight. During seminar some time was spent scanning the auditorium for ideas. One of our profs, an avid kayaker and outdoorsman, wears sandals with socks often, so that's a possibility. It would definitely be comfortable.

Protege is giving his literature seminar today but Subaru's wife (who received a harness and climbing shoes for Christmas and now goes to the wall with us) informed me that he has conjunctivitis! Pink eye is no laughing matter and is contagious.
Cases of pinkeye that are caused by bacteria and viruses are contagious. (Conjunctivitis caused by allergies or environmental irritants are not.)
So hopefully it's an allergic pinkeye and not bacterial or a virus. Either way I'm staying the hell away from him and his diseased eye. While it has not been a problem, I've had my fair share. Much handwashing and drink and hand watching will ensue during the post seminar drinks.

I watch. I'm a watcher. People are so interesting. In fact that might be why paparazzi rags are so popular. People like watching people and if that person is famous, all the better. My personal favorite is watching people's reactions. For example, if you see a stunning blond or a mutated troll waltz into a room, quickly take a glance at them and then watch the faces of the people around you; it will give you a glimpse into their head and what they're thinking. In the case of the blond, it will probably be along the lines of "Damn!" but what you want to look for are the married men or men playing with their kids, who know they're not supposed to look but are drawn by primal instincts (read: penises) to look at the attractive specimen of a woman. Also note how long some men look, you might be surprised or you might not be depending on how low your perception of the average guy.

The second case is much more telling. We've all seen them. Either someone mentally retarded or physically disabled. They're immune from ridicule because they had no choice in the matter [the socialites with gauze all over their face from their recent facelifts, have a field day with because not only did they choose to look like that, they paid stupid amounts of money to look like that]. Most looks will be disinterest, sympathy but the ones to keep an eye out for is the look of disgust. These looks are thankfully few and far between but are known to happen. A bar that my friends and I used to frequent was a fairly busy place on Fri. or Sat. night, so we would get there early and stake our claim on the uber-comfy leather chairs near the bar. It's a coffee shop/bar type of place. In strolls a physically challenged woman who was about 4 feet tall and was using a crutch. My friends take note and innocently wonder what happened. Birth defect, accident or just a bruised ankle? But a certain pretty boy was at the bar and happen to turn around after his drink was delivered. He is about to move away from the bar when he looks down and a look of pure disgust plants itself on his face. Thankfully the woman doesn't see it because she's ordering but my friends and I all see it and proceed to mock and lay judgement to this sorry excuse for a human being.

It just takes a simple understanding of society and order to function as a proper human being. That's all we ask. You're no better or worse than your fellow human, be it hot blonde or brunette mutant. And if you get all high and mighty, you can be taken out.


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