Friday, January 12, 2007


I screen my phonecalls

I'm addicted to J's ipod. And now fully understand why Apple has a 70% control of the personal music player market. itunes is pretty straightforward to use. Just click and drag over to the ipod and voila! That's it. And so far I haven't paid one dime for any music. But I don't really have any new music either.

South Carolina radio stations suck. Alot and all the time. They play the same damn Pearl Jam and Nirvana songs over and over. J and I are both alternative junkies. We were in high school in the early 90's (the peak of grunge rock if you'll remember) and both raised in the suburbs, so we're both fans of early 90's alternative. There is a radio station in ATL that is 99.7 on the FM dial. It's 99X , Atlanta's own alternative station. The DJs aren't mind-numbingly annoying (or at least not for the hour that I can pick the station up around Atlanta) and they play a great variety of early 90s stuff and current songs also. But for New Year's they were counting down the top 99 albums. And I just checked the site and it looks like they took it down. Okay, I just emailed one of the DJs and hopefully he'll help me out. I do remember that #1 was Red Hot Chili Peppers "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", which while I don't agree with, should definitely be on that list. Nirvana's "Nevermind" was 3rd (#1 in my books, despite their short tenure). Don't remember any others.

But the list contained everything from the Violent Femmes to more recent stuff like The Killers. Excellent list and if I can find a copy of it, where my "new" music will come from.

We're searching for a new department head and you should've seen the spread we laid out for the guy who was here yesterday. Sushi, shrimp, wings (which were very cold), cold cuts, croissants, even these cute lil' deviled eggs, which I forgot to try. And of course booze cuz what's a chemistry function without booze? Lame, that's what. No, not really, but the only time there isn't alcohol at a chemistry function is when it's the bowling party at the on-campus rec room that used to serve beer but I think they got busted for selling to underage kids and I don't think they'll ever get that privelege back. You figure an ON-CAMPUS bar would be smarter and stress to their employees that this is an incredible thing and we don't want to lose this deal. And also that the vast majority of people on-campus are underage. Oops. No more beer on-campus, guess you gotta go downtown. It was fairly inexpensive beer too. Jerks.

I'm discussing with Advisor today about me trying to get out in August. Hopefully he concedes but it isn't necessarily the end of the world if he doesn't. It just means at least 6.5 years in grad school if I were to graduate in December. Yes that's a long time but remember that 1.5 of that was spent in another group. But it's a long time no matter how you slice it.



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