Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I found 2 PDAs last night

They were just sitting around. And then J and I were walking around campus and she jumped into a moat and was being chased by swimming iguanas. This might have been a dream. She did make it out safely though.

I ran most of the 5K route from a couple years ago. The ipod helped. Or at least it did in my head. And slow Smashing Pumpkins is not good running music. Sorry Billy. But fast SP definitely is.

J and a friend from work attempted to do the 5K route that we will attempt in less than 2 weeks. They finished in 21 minutes. They also took a wrong turn because that is wicked fast.

It will be fun to run in downtown Greenville. Hopefully another warm streak will come through. The temp was in the low 60s-high 50s last night. Awesome. The radio just said that the newest cold front is coming through, so that won't last.

My parents are going back home tomorrow morning. They were here for around 3 months but it's never long enough. Yes, they're just a phone call or half day plane ride away, but a 4 hour car ride is much easier and more convenient. For Christmas Dad took Mom back to Portland, Oregon. They were missionaries out there in the late 70's and early 80's, which is why my brother and I were both born out there. So they went back and said alot had changed but it was still pretty.

It was funny. According to my father, lots of white Californians moved out of Cali and sold their modest houses for oodles of cash and could afford huge houses in Oregon, but they weren't used to having yards or anything, so it's all these McMansion subdivisions. Some friends of ours sold their 5 acre mini-farm and a develelpor put 32 houses onto that 5 acres. Yikes. Hope you like your neighbors. It used to be lots of mini-farms everywhere and now the sprawl has taken over. Our friends bought a 32 acre farm with the proceeds of their sale. He also said that there are now strip malls everywhere. So I imagine it looks like Orlando now, instead of the Pacific Northwest. I can't remember the term Fast Food Nation used, but it was the McDonalding of America, or something like that.

I realized yesterday that I haven't been using the post labels, so I'll start doing that. And once things settle down, get ready for a blog makeover. And for some old posts to go away, so save your favorites now.

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