Monday, January 15, 2007


Happy MLK Jr. Day!

AKA MiLK day! (Not disrespectful, just easier to say)

If you don't know who Martin Luther King Jr. was, please read up on 20th century American history. He was a big deal.

Nice relaxing weekend. This week at work I will be writing my papers, making crystals, and analyzing crystals.

The cats and I went for a walk this morning. If the university is closed, which it is this year thanks to someone making a big stink about how SC didn't really observe MLK day, I generally sleep in and take the morning off. I got up, played with the cats, scooped out their excrement (better than leaving it outside for someone to step in, right irresponsible dog owners?), took them for a walk, showered, ate lunch and dropped off mail and errands.

I was planning on going climbing today at the campus gym but univ. is closed, so that's not happening. Instead, as a warm-up for next weekend, I will be recreating my last 5K run. It starts out near the library and finishes near the stadium. I probably won't be running in the street this time though.

Slowly and surely our house is de-clutterizing itself. The spare bedroom is in great need of reorganizing once again. Maybe we'll even throw some things out.

Shit, spoke with Advisor last Friday and he doesn't feel that I'll be able to get out by August. So looks like it'll be at least 6.5 years in grad school and another lease. Remember how I promised J that if I wasn't out by Aug. we would move? Well I did, and I'm not, and we are. In that order.

Ran across a new website the other day. It's Chowhound. Basically it's a large user-friendly forum where people discuss places to eat and shop. I hear there is some controversy about posts being removed and users being banned, but I don't know what all that's about. I joined because I didn't find any good info on Clemson eateries and no one had suggested my fave hot dog place in the "Southern Hot Dogs" thread, both of which were grave injustices. Seems like a good place to get tips on where to eat if you're new to the area or are just looking for something different.

TO WORK! And if you're not working, ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF!


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