Sunday, January 28, 2007


El Laberinto del Fauno

Pan's Labyrinth for the non-Spanish speakers.

We were watching Best Week Ever, on VH1 and sums up all of the week's pop culture, which saves lots of TV watching time. It's a good show. We got to see those two American Idol rejects who went on the Today Show and were mocked fairly hardcore. But also got to see Selma Hayek help introduce the Oscar nominees. She about creamed herself when she introduced the Mexican-made Pan's Labyrinth, but then she has to introduce one last movie. She barely squeaks out, almost like a sigh, Canada's "Water", which I'm going to assume is in French because it's the foreign language category. Nope, just checked and it's in Hindi.

Taking the recommendation of Doc in the Box and most critics and reviewers from around the country, J and I saw Pan's Labyrinth yesterday. It restored J's faith in movies that's how good it was. I really enjoyed it. But for the love, DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE. There was a family that we saw come in with a couple of younger kids, 7-10 maybe. Thankfully they left after the first depiction of graphic violence. And it is violent. Cold blooded murder, torture, guns, implied amputation. But it makes the fantastic aspect of the movie all the more fantastic. Faeries, fawns, toads, trees even a child eating monster with eyeballs in its hands.

Excellent movie and highly recommended. Go see it now before all the Oscar hype has everyone talking about it.

Please read the post just below this for the recap of the 5K. Results are up and I beat J by 5 whole seconds! My time was 32:55 and J was 33:00. I sprinted through the finish and was able to pass 8 people! Woo-hoo! Much better performance than last time even though my raw time was longer. I came in 948 out of 1369 and my lovely wife came in 957 out of 1369. Top thousand isn't bad.

Overall results (scroll waaay down for our times or use the "find" function of your browser)
Overall Female winners and age class winners
Overall Male winners and age bracket winners



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