Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Are you paying attention?

Our new fangled Democratic Congress is getting ready to vote on some major bills. They took Monday off so that they could watch the bowl game. I know the bowl game was at 8 pm eastern but I guess the senators and congressmen wanted to tailgate all day. Or they had to do last minute shopping for their party.

They will be voting on increasing the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25.
Organized labor and other supporters pitched the bill as coming to the aid of the working poor. Business groups and other opponents said it could lead to higher prices for goods and services, force small companies to pink-slip existing workers or hire fewer new ones, and crimp profits.
A quote from the article. Basically people actually making minimum wage want it to go up and people paying minimum wage don't want it to go up. And to those who say it will lead to higher prices, the higher prices are already here. Imagine if all fast food workers made $7.25/hour. That's almost enough to live on and a HUGE addition to McD's bottom line. At least they don't have to pay benefits. (Technically they do but if the employee doesn't stay for more than 90 days then they don't, hence the high turn-over in workers.)

Speaking of which, we ate breakfast in a very scary McD's in North GA and have you seen the new tray mats? It's a job application. Seriously. And there are bullets on the corner making the case for why seniors, teenagers, stay at home moms and people who like to stay up late should work there. And they're giving away free coffee for most of Jan. from 5 am - 8 am, which is obviously a ploy to get you into the store so that you'll have to get a biscuit with your free coffee.

I need to make biscuits. From scratch. I've never done it. I've helped my dad and grandmother make them but have never made them myself. Maybe I'll make them this weekend.

I vacuumed last night and that made me feel better about our dirty apartment. It's just so cluttered with all the gifts from the wedding. Maybe I'll go through things this weekend and get rid of stuff. I'll take it to the Salvation Army and try and not throw anything away. Or maybe I'll post it on

Apple just unveiled their iPhone. Looks pretty cool. Cingular exclusive through '09. $499 for the 4 GB and $599 for the 8 GB. Whole screen is a touch screen. Once the price comes down, this might be my new phone. Just take the price for a new video iPod and a the newest fancy phone and it's about the same, except that there would only be one hunk of technology in your pocket instead of 2. Nice.

Sharp came out with a 108 inch LCD TV. It's massive.

That definitely wouldn't fit through my door.

These are what are on the Democrats "100 hour agenda":
includes measures to bolster national security, increase the minimum wage, cut the interest rate on student loans, reduce the price of prescription drugs, overturn Bush's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research and end some subsidies to big oil companies.
I read they passed the national security bill (obviously), and hopefully will cut student loan rates and make stem cell research okay and of course end the subsidies to oil companies who are doing just fine without gov't handouts.

My pants wearout in the crotch alot. Jeans, khakis, you name it. I think they means my thighs rub too much. Which means I'm overweight, which we already knew. Thank Jebus for Old Navy and child labor in 3rd world countries providing me with $20 pants.



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