Wednesday, January 03, 2007



I've said it before and I'll say it again, where are the flying cars?

We have a flying train (the maglev in Japan, if you consider 2 inches off the ground flying) and I saw yesterday a flying bed. The mattress sits a couple feet in the air and has 4 tethers that keep it in place. Both outrageously expensive to boot.

Where are the hover boards? Hover bikes? Hover cars? Personal rocket packs that are fuel efficient, easy to use and safe?

The future just gets lamer and lamer. At least we can eat cloned meat. Not really sure how I feel about that but I guess it's ok. Last time I checked it didn't make a difference if the steak I had at lunch had the exact same DNA as the burger I had last week. It'll just be like that one cow was gigantic and is able to feed many many people without the hassle of a herd of gigantic mutated cows.

The holidays were fun, relaxing and stressful. Our B'ham reception went well and I got to introduce J to lots of people I've known for a long time, some since high school, some before that. My sunday school teacher from when I was 4 was there. No I didn't remember her.

We're trying Blockbuster's rental program because it's free for a month. We have the 3 out at a time which is $17.99/month, but you can actually have up to 6 out at a time. How? The envelopes the movies are mailed in is good for a free in-store rental so you get 3 in the mail, watch those, then take them back to the store and get 3 more movies. While you're watching those 3, the next 3 in your queue are mailed out. But they don't carry movies that Netflix has like "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" and I hear there are movies that even Netflix doesn't have. And the first time we ordered Clerks II, the bonus feature disc showed up, but we gave that back and got our free rental and the right disc showed up later in the week.

The DVD of it comes out on Jan. 23rd so check it out if Blockbuster isn't your source of DVDs. I'm assuming they're in bed with the MPAA somehow and will not have a movie that is both rated NC-17 (for showing some female pubic hair, the horror!) and makes fun of the double standard set forth by the MPAA. Violence - okay, sex - bad.

My New Year's Resolution: Train for our 5K on Jan. 27th and beat my old time and hopefully not lose to anyone in their 70's.


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