Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Spurred Onward!

Since ESC is sharing her dissertation chaos with us, another labmate is writing up and I have the innate desire to get the hell out of dodge, Seth's dissertation starts today. I plan on making an outline and breaking down my individual projects and compiling data to see what I have and what I need. Yes it's a huge undertaking but the longer I put it off, the harder it gets and from what I hear, it's hard enough already.

Also I went to the Other Seth's going away party and apparently he heard that I was now getting my Masters; not that there is anything wrong with that but a 6 year PhD is one thing and a 6 year Masters is a completely different beast. Once the rumor mill has started generating rumors about you, it's time to go.

J and I picked up renter's insurance today. And I don't know J's social security number. But it feels good knowing that if the house burns down and the cats escape with my tree ornaments and photo albums and marriage license and computer hard drive, that everything will be replaced with only a small ($500) deductible. And State Farm will even find us somewhere to live. Nice.

Oh, I wanted to share a story from the autocross a couple weeks ago. I never told the autocross story but the ultra short version is:
Go to Subaru's house, drive to his in-law's place in Columbia, sleep, arise, drive to Orangeburg, autocross, watch Subaru hit the timing lights (if these break the day is over, but they made it out okay), stop at Wendy's, arrive at Suby's place, drive home.
This story takes place after we get to the in-law's and before sleep.

I get sleepy on car rides much like J, especially if I'm not driving. So I napped a bit on the way down. We arrive and Suby's Father In Law (SFIL) is asleep on the couch, so we give him a call and he lets us in. We watch some TV (Simpsons) and chat and then Suby says he's tired and turns in. Then me and SFIL watch some more TV and wait for Suby's Mother In Law (SMIL) to get home from work. Never do catch where she works but it's a CVS/Eckerd's/Woolworth's type place from her description. Then SFIL goes to sleep and it's just me and SMIL hanging out. We chat about the wedding and newly married life (I've met these folks before at Suby's wedding activities and they're nice) and then I realize that I'm trapped. I don't have the remote, I'm not sleepy but am not about to sit here with someone else's mom for hours watching some news channel. Oh good! A yawn! Yaaaaawwwwn, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Thanks for letting us stay here for the night and YOINK! I'm upstairs. Suby is out like a light and I'm not tired. So I give J a call, and like the night owl she is, is wide awake and excited to hear from me. Ooops, too far. Let's back up a tad.

I get upstairs and am sleeping in the In-Laws granddaughter's room when she comes over. This means toys in the closet, pink bedspread and various other child oriented items. I take out my contacts (Have I ever told you guys I wear contacts? Well I do.) and get ready for bed. I brought my toothbrush but no toothpaste. No biggie. I'm sure there is some in the bathroom. Score, Colgate. Oh wait. The bottle is shaped weird and it's glittery. Oh no! I inspect the "toothpaste" a little closer. There is a monkey on it and Dora the Explorer. The flavor is Fresh Bubble Gum Fruit flavor. Wonderful. I picture myself as a 7 year old in my dentist's office faced with the choice of bubble gum, banana or cherry fluoride toothpaste. I made the banana mistake once and usually went cherry. Bubble gum is so played out. So I squirt some pink sparkly "toothpaste" onto my brush and go for broke. Damn. Damn damn. This stuff, while it doesn't taste bad, does not taste good. Ugh, clean teeth. The lengths we go to for personal hygiene. I rinse, spit and make a huge mental note to buy a damn travel sized tube of adult toothpaste. No more Dora for me.

Then I call J and we talk for a half hour or so and then I drift off to dreamland.


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