Friday, December 22, 2006


Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

In more words it is the Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve. What the devil is an "eve" anyway?

I was reading in the NY just now that people are watching us. Me, you, your friend and what they do and say on the internet. But it isn't nefarious as you would suppose. It's the wave of the future. Focus groups, where they recruit people in the mall and give them 6 different candy bars and ask for comments and sugestios, are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The newest market research is computer programs that search the internet and look for certain words and/or phrases that would indicate a negative or positive association with the desired product. So if I wrote "The new Crest toothpaste paste sucks. But that new gel is divine." Then the program would find it, note that I prefer gels over pastes (which I usually do) and also note whether I was young or old and male or female.

Of course as I'm reading it I was thinking, "Hey! I read blogs and use search engines! I could do that for them without their fancy pants computer program." But I don't think they want to pay me to sit around and read blogs all day. In case you do, please send me an email. I'll even work on Saturdays and Sundays!

See that paypal button over there? Yeah, so far only one person has used it, but that's okay, I still like most of you guys. But it says I want to be a rally driver, which is still 100% true. Currently my plan for making this dream a reality is by turning my dear Focus into a full fledged rally car. NASA started a Rally Spec Focus class last year. It is designed as a low cost entry into the wonderful world of rallying. But a friend from Raleigh who just moved to Ohio is currently building one and hopefully it will be ready for Sandblast (linked to your left) on Feb. 17th.

Rally Spec Focus build-up

But it all depends on me making it out of grad school and then getting a new job and then saving money to drop into Focus.

Yikes, I left this window open all day. I originally started this post at around 11:30 am.

Happy ChrismaHannaKwanzikah! And Happy Next Monday to the rest of the World!


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