Monday, December 18, 2006


I think I've got a blooger

I'm waiting a bit to upgrade to that new blogger. Maybe I'll do it next week or this weekend.

I kept my promise and found the reference for Alan Weisman's article. It is from Discover magazine. DISCOVER Vol. 26 No. 02 | February 2005 | Environment. Link to Earth Without People.


Both Christmas parties were fun, ours more fun than the other, but the other had families and faculty and was more subdued. Much larger selection of food though. I liked the faculty's house except for the fact that there was no way to go from the basement deck to the 2nd floor deck without going inside. Mentally I devised either a spiral staircase with a fireman's pole for quick getaways or building a ladder type thing on a tree that was close to the deck. I also did not like his kitchen. It just didn't have that much useable counterspace, but I really like the multiple decks and a screened in porch right off the kitchen. It's also a 150 foot jaunt down to Lake Hartwell. Nice.

I accidentally saw my Christmas present. J was asking where the tape was, so I went into the spare bedroom to help her find it. And there sitting on the floor necessitating the tape, was my Xmas present. It is Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, the new Castlevania game for the Nintendo DS! Wow, it even has a wiki page. So I am very excited! Now I just need to remember to take it with me everywhere.

J also knows what she is getting but just because I was lazy and procrastinated and so we doubled up a shopping trip for a new LCD monitor for our computer with shopping for her ipod shuffle at Best Buy. Nope they were sold out, although they had about 150 nanos. Circuit Shitty was also sold out. Fine, to the internet! I went over to and it even had free shipping. Sorry real stores, you lose the stockpiling race once again. It should arrive Wednesday. FedEx has a bad habit of leaving packages at your door, so I'll either leave them a note asking them to put it in my car (if I take the CATbus to school) or maybe leave an empty pot out there so he can at least hide it under that.

I'm also hoping to get a couple of the other Friends DVDs that J needs to make her collection complete. She (I take no ownership of those DVDs, although I do watch them) has 3-9 so far, so I'm trying to track down 1 and 2. We both agree that Season 10 was not good. The one where Joey can't distinguish between actual spoken French and the gibberish coming out of his mouth when he tried to speak it is a shining example of why the last season wasn't all that great and why Joey was doomed to fail. One, even two, dimensional characters are not entertaining.

Still don't know what to get your loved ones? How about one of the Ten Most Dangerous Toys of All-Time!

My personal favorite is:

Notice the oxy-moron "Safe Radioactive Material". Yeah 238U is REALLY safe. Just ask Chernobyl or 3 Mile Island. A 1951 scientist should've known better but I guess the businessman took ahold of that part of the brain for a bit.

Exams finished last week and the campus is almost completely deserted, just a few faculty, staff and a small army of grad students.


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