Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I hate when I do that

I was bidding on J's seasons of Friends. Or what I thought was Friends. It was actually "Best of" Friends, season 1. Fuck. Hopefully I can get out of this. It's only $8.80 but I would much rather spend that money on J's actual present instead of my mistake. The email I plan to send right after I finish this will mostly consist of: I'm an idiot. I'm very sorry. As a peace offering I will gladly Paypal you the equivalent of twice your eBay fees for listing this item. I have actually done this in the past. If you look at my eBay feedback, when I first started I had the exact same thing happen to me. You would've thought I learned my lesson. I would appreciate neutral feedback but understand if it is negative.

Hopefully it goes well.
Update: It went great! She was from Chicago and was very understanding. The listing fee was $0.11 so she didn't make me cover her fees! Yay!

Our 5K is coming up on Jan. 27th. Neither of us are training very hard which will probably bite us in the ass. I just hope it isn't too cold.

I might make a good cop. Or I just might get killed because I gave someone the benefit of the doubt. But maybe the academy could train that out of me. It's a fairly decent idea for a back-up job. Especially after reading Jack's post. And after my policeman friend said that they encourage driving fast at night when no one is around for practice. See? When I practice (if I practiced on the street), they pull me over and probably let me spend the night in jail. But they encourage practice for their boys in blue. Wouldn't it be fun to learn how to drift a Crown Vic around your favorite off-ramp? I couldn't do it too much though. Don't want to waste too much of the taxpayer's money on tires. And I know for a fact that J would enjoy it. Ma'am, the reason I pulled you over is because you were doing 75 in a 55 and you cut off that schoolbus full of nuns. I'm sorry officer, but I'm sure my husband Officer Last Name could clear everything up. Oh. I'm sure he could. I'm not the Korean you're looking for *hand wave*. Sorry ma'am, you're not the Korean we're looking for. Move along.

I know she would enjoy that. And then me and the other guys and gals could sit around the station and joke about how our significant others can't drive or drive too fast or drive too cautiously. Good times.

But that's a distant back-up plan that I hopefully won't have to use.

Ok, I'm off to see if I can weasel my way out of this eBay purchase. Wish me luck.


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