Monday, December 11, 2006


He's OK!

Yes, J and I made it back from the wilds of what is basically suburban Atlanta. I even had full cell service. While in my book, that technically doesn't make it camping, this wasn't a real camping trip.

It was mostly a way for J and I to get away for a night and make our drive to Ikea a bit shorter. Ikea was successful. We purchased a new two leveled glass top coffee table that is excellent. Also picked up a couple shelves with hidden brackets so we'll call them floating shelves. Also some random baby toys because J's friend's little sister just had another baby. There is a story there, many actually, but we're not gonna get into it. Mostly because I don't think J's friend would appreciate me airing her family's dirty laundry in public. And without permission of course.

All the furniture does have nifty Swedish names. Just looked at Ikea's store locator and the one in ATL is the only one in the Southeast. Texas and Philly are the next closest stores, although the one they're building in Orlando should be open soon. And apparently they're building one in Brooklyn so watch out Julie!

Camping (car camping as it were) was fun and not as bitterly cold as I expected. We arrived at Red Top Mountain State Park around 5, checked in, were informed that we were the only people tent camping in the park, found a nice camping spot (which had running water and electrical outlets, yet another "not real camping feature") and then went down to check out the lake. Lake Altoona. It was at least 10 feet below normal. We literally walked about 50 yards (45 meters) out into the lake without getting wet. It was low and dry. We saw a shoe trapped under a rock.

We then hiked up to the heated restrooms. And then set out to find some fire wood.

The night was chilly. J and I both ended up getting completely inside our bags because our faces were freezing. J's biggest fear was having to use the restroom in the middle of the night and sho nuff, she had to get up. I felt bad for her but stayed bundled and warm. Morning was chilly and it took a while to get the fire going, but I finally did and made some delicious hot chocolate that was just what I wanted. Warm, chocolatey goodness.

The house is still a mess and we still haven't sent out those damn thank you notes. I'll be working on those tonight.


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