Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Go sell crazy somewhere else

Never seen that movie but I do know that Jack Nicholson said it in um, it also had Greg Kinnear and Helen Hunt I think. Don't want to it right now.

Occasionally I'll go over survival scenarios in my head, just to entertain myself but ultimately to have a plan of action in case it goes down. Yesterday it was "what if a gun wielding madman came into lab?" We have a couple emergency exits next to our desks but they just go to the lab next door and they are supposed to be clear but who knows if they are. We also have two doors, so I could bolt out the other door while they're firing away. I posed this question to the group at lunch. It popped into my head because we have a fairly anti-social and socially maladjusted person working in our lab right now. Way too many stories but we did acquire some hard evidence of their insanity and copies were made. I'll have to scan it and show you guys.

But in addition to escape scenarios we also came up with some lab defense systems. Most were taken straight from the Home Alone series of movies (most people have seen 1 and 2, 3 is not good. Okay, none of them are really "good" but are at least watchable, sorry Joe and Macaulay [wow, I almost spelled that right, only forgot the last a]). They involved a bag of tools above the door and some large metal objects that would swoop down and hit the intruder in the face. We have plenty of heavy metal objects laying around lab. I should document those one day. I'll have to remember to bring my camera. That sounds like a "I'm stuck at work" Christmas activity.

My friend(Subaru) told me he saw a smashed up cop car as he was going home yesterday. He wasn't sure if they rear-ended a car or a telephone pole but since he hit something from behind, odds are it was the policeperson's fault. Oops. It would be funnier if our taxes didn't have to pay for repairs.

We're going to Subaru's tonight to trim (decorate) his tree and play on his new training board that he built. It's a trainer for climbers to work on their handstrength when they can't get to the gym or don't want to go anywhere. He screwed one of these
Onto a wooden base that he built. He said his wife can't do a pull-up so he has her on a training regiment of 3 serious tries per day to help build her arm strength. I have challenged J to do a pull-up too. I think she can do it! Should be a good time.

Labs are over this week! Hooray! I still have a few things to grade that people handed in late (slackers) but it shouldn't take long.

X-ray diffractometer is open! Off to shoot X-rays at a crystal I made!


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