Thursday, December 28, 2006


Do you see what happens Larry?

I want to get a couple Lebowskifest shirts as additional Christmas presents.

Once again J and I have left our Christmas shopping until the last minute. We need presents for my grandparents and parents and one of my cousins. I think we'll take the easier way out and get pictures for the grand- and parents. My cousin is a 20 something teacher in Northern Alabama, so I'm going to trust J's decision for what we should get her.

The big "So you couldn't go to Orlando for J and Seth's wedding? Then come to our house in Birmingham! It's closer!" post wedding reception is this Saturday at my parent's temporary B'ham house.

My car was one of three in the faculty parking lot this morning. My labmate who showed up around 10 asked why I was here at 9. Mostly because J gets up at 6:30 or so and gets ready for work, so she wakes me up. Yes I could go back to sleep but I feel like I could get a jump start on the day by getting up at 7:30 as opposed to sleeping till 9-10. Sure yesterday it was just an extra hour and a half of TV but that might've been the hour I was cleaning the bathroom, so it was worth it. And as sacrilicious (thanks to Matt Groening and Homer J. for that term, I think Homer was eating a Jesus cookie or something) as this might sound, I actually am starting to enjoy getting up early. Or I should say that my body is now used to getting up early so that I naturally arise around 8-9 now. I also have no desire to get up at 5-6 am like my grandparents and other people who get up that early.

I stole J's ipod and am currently listening to it. Marilyn Manson's version of "I put a spell on you". I love this little thing. And once Apple releases their iPhone, I just might have to pick one of those up.

We rented Jackass 2 this weekend. And it was worth it just for all the stuff that they didn't show. The "Book Slam Ball Buster" was painful to watch. Some poor sucker put a ball in a very large book, think Physician's Desk Reference, and they closed it. He didn't move for several minutes. The cameos were also awesome. John Waters, Luke Wilson, Willie Garson, Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, Jason Taylor all made an appearance and some even got in on the fun. Willie Garson won the honor of playing "stun gun hot potato" and got a little stunned. But he made it out alive.

So remember how I was saying that blogs are the newest hip way to advertise things? Well some dude named Sergei sent me an email:
I am writing about Crazy Lawsuit Game. I think you and your readers will
be interested in taking a look at a cool new site that helps people know
whether their car is a "lemon." The site also lets them know what they
can do to get the repair shop or car manufacturer to compensate them for
the money they've spent, as well as for the hassles and
frustration of having to take their car to the shop over and over again.

Looks like a good site with some good resources and hopefully none of you will ever have any need to visit it.

Lemon Justice

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? What is wrong with the new block quote? I want my sentence to start over there under the rest of the post not under the blockquote! Fine, I got it to work, but that was too hard. Usually upgrading doesn't mean making new problems.

Uh oh Lemon Justice. Just saw that you're sponsored by Lemberg and Associates LLC. If you hadn't noticed, there aren't any lawyer links. I'm not a fan despite having several lawyer friends.
I'll keep looking around Lemon Justice, but if I see too many "Use us to sue" links, you won't get a permalink and I might even take this one down. Thank you for contacting me and expressing interest in my site. However, I won't shill for just anyone.

Actually to help future site visitors here is a small list of companies that I would gladly become their blogging shill:
Red Bull
Most any car company with exciting products that I like

Is that it? Surely I use other things regularly that I love? I'll sleep on it and maybe fill in the list a bit tomorrow.


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