Thursday, December 07, 2006


As Good As It Gets

That was the name of it. It was also the name of an article in an old "Rock and Ice" that our climbing wall was giving away and that is what jogged my memory, much to the chagrin of the internet.

Real World was drama-filled last night. Of course it wasn't real drama, it was fake drunken Real World misunderstanding drama. A small misunderstanding almost escalated into a fight between the gay guy (who is from GA and was raised Baptist, which I guess makes him a Rainbow Baptist now) and one of the two black guys (I know two, so progressive). Towards the end of the screaming match, the gay guy dropped the n-word. He did apologize and everything is now happily ever after.

J said to me that she doesn't get why that word is so powerful. To me it represents 300 years of black slavery and lynch mobs and Klan meetings and the general hatred of an entire race of people, that's why I think it's so powerful and also why I don't say it, except when I'm rapping along with someone and they decide to use it.

Of course J's counter-point was "if you don't want to be called a n-word, don't act like one." Which while it is slightly inflammatory, is pretty much dead on. Chris Rock, Bill Crosby, Dave Chappelle and many others have been ostracized for making that distinction, but there is some truth to it.

I also have to agree with a blogger I read the other day, can't remember which link I followed, odds are it was from Cynical-C, but he said that you can't outlaw that word because it would just make it that much more powerful. Very true. Edit: Here's the link and yes it was from Banning the "N" word

Took the cats out for a walk this morning. J and I are going camping down in GA this weekend, or Friday night specifically. Yes it's going to be cold, but I plan on wearing as much clothing as I can and remaining nice and warm. And then we're going to go to Ikea and maybe some other stinky post-camping Christmas shopping. Yes we'll be careful and if for some reason we do get lost, we will stay with the car and not wander off like this poor soul in OR.

RIP James Kim, your family misses you terribly. Such a tragedy.

Let's say that if I don't post by Wed. please contact the authorities. We'll be in Red Top Mountain State Park near Lake Altoona. I really do trust that you would contact someone if I don't come back, but we'll be back, I promise. But it's nice to know someone, even someone I've never met, is looking out for you.

Still haven't gotten around to my promised posts. Maybe tomorrow. Laters!


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