Friday, December 08, 2006


Anyone who speaks German can't be bad

said one of the parole board while seeing if Sideshow Bob was rehabilitated. Simpsons if Sideshow Bob means nothing to you. He was voiced by Kelsey Grammar.

Voice over work has to be pretty easy comparitively. I'm sure it is difficult but it reduces your performance from your whole persona down to your voice.

So I finally went through most of my blogroll yesterday and saw that Tricia's family is under serious hardship. Her son, Josh, was in a motorcycle accident and went from this
to this:

It looks bad and is bad, but there have been numerous things that could've been much worse. He lost lots of blood and bruised and/or lacerated many internal organs. They thought he was going to lose his spleen and liver, but thankfully they both are gonna make it.

Please keep Tricia, her son, and the rest of her family in your thoughts and prayers as they head down the long hard road to recovery.

Like I said he was in a motorcycle accident and unfortunately it is usually a matter of when a wreck will happen and not if a wreck will happen. He wasn't wearing a helmet or any protective clothing, but that would not have stopped his injuries; maybe it would've reduced them, but that is neither here nor there. He's a fighter and is going to be just fine. And probably have some righteous scars.

Please stop by Tricia's blog and encourage her and her family in their time of need.

It was around 25 degrees on my way into work this morning. Very cold by southern standards. I even wore long johns but that is because I'm a pansy and don't like being cold. Yes I know it will be cold camping tonight but that's why I have the long johns. I'm actually considering wearing my long johns and my snow pants. They're going to stop the wind much better than jeans ever could.


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