Friday, December 15, 2006



3 posts in one day!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That's right. It's Seth comin' atcha live from Protege's Christmas (or ChrismaHannaKwanzaakuh) Party.

J is reading this over my shoulder and Protege's cat is sleeping right behind me. He's an enforcer of a cat. Nobody fucks with the Rutherford.

Tad bored, but something is about to happen. Why do Canadians feel the need to pronounce the -out different from other english speakers? Aboot. Ootside. Those wacky Canadians. No J there are no Canadians here I'm just typing while I think. It's how I blog and I'm not about to change it now!!!!!!

We did a "Dirty" Christmas gift exchange where you bring a gift and then pick a number (1-6 in this case). 1 goes first and then 2 goes next but has the option of picking a new present or stealing 1's present. Excellent fun and much shenanigans can ensue but no one stole a present this year. Weirdos. Or am I weird for ignoring the "real" people at the party and blogging?

We brought a crockpot full of meatballs (prepared by me, the sauce at least, frozen meatballs) and there was a spiral cut ham, a delicious pineapple casserole, some mango and pomegranate and some cheese logs. All very good. Oh shit! I almost forgot the butter curry crab legs! Very awesome. A bit hard to eat buffet style but we forged ahead.

Okay, that's enough. Hope you enjoyed Seth's Xmas party update and some live drunken blogging. Or Drogging if you will. And I hope you don't because there has to be a better term for that.


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