Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You don't get off that easy

I'm still here. I plan on keeping this blog running FOREVER! And hopefully I can keep it public. I will have to clean up the archives a bit (drug use references, drunken debauchery, arrest(s)) once I start the job search, but trust me, I'll post links to those before I take them down. You could go archiving yourself or use the handy dandy google search box down there at the very bottom of the page.

Along the lines of sex changes, I will post tomorrow on why I would want to be a woman and also why I would want to be black, both hypothetical temporary changes just to expand my horizons.

The group went out to a mini conference this morning. There is a consortium of 5 colleges in the Carolinas who do photonics research. They're starting a new committee that will give money to people within these 5 universities to help bring research to market. But the conference was basically representatives from Western Carolina U., Duke, NC State, Clemson, and U of NC Charlotte, who talked about their individual research and research that is going on at their institutions. Good times and free breakfast and lunch. Some very interesting research going on elsewhere and here that I didn't really know about. Did you know that there is interest in glasses of differing compositions? (besides the standard silicon dioxide aka glass, sand) I didn't either.

Our personalized return address labels came in and I picked up stamps just now, so Thank You notes will be going out as soon as our hands can get them all written. I think we've done 6 out of 50 or so. Yikes.

On a personal note, I sent an email to a friend. No it isn't sensitive material but it would take more time to explain the backstory than it would to actually tell the story. But I essentially was typing as I was thinking (seem familiar?) and he replied with
I like the way you can dictate your thought process. Your funny man.
Spelling error is his, not mine. It should read "You're funny man". It made me smile and feel warm and fuzzy. The friend was Subaru by the way.

And guess what?!?!?!?! I get to drive Subaru's Subaru WRX this Saturday in an autocross! Hooray! I've been itching to drive his all wheel drive, turbocharged beast in an autocross for a while and it's finally happening! The question is will I beat him in his own car? I didn't beat Protege, can I beat Subaru? And we'll be on Hoosier race tires to boot. I'm looking forward to it even though I have to abandon J and the cats here Fri. night and Saturday. I'll miss you!

Off to work since I haven't done any yet today.


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