Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today is a big day

Not for me, per se, and probably not for you either. See, today is Playstation 3 Eve. That's right my friends, tonight at midnight (for stores open at midnight) or tomorrow whenever Target and Best Buy open, the Playstation 3 will go on sale.

Will the graphics be better than the Xbox 360? Will everyone like the motion sensitive 6 axis controller? Will people miss the rumbling of the controller? We shall soon find out.

For non-gamers, the PS3 is the next generation of the Playstation 2 (obviously). It is also a Blu Ray DVD player. It has a built-in harddrive. It comes in 2 versions. The "econo" model with one controller and a 20 GB harddrive and a pricetag of $500 and the "deluxe" model with the 60 GB harddrive at a cool $600. Which one do you want? Here is the Official Playstation 3 website. So if those teenagers next door who are outside too much and make too much racket suddenly vanish; they probably weren't kidnapped but just received a PS3. They'll be okay.

AND the Nintendo Wii also comes out this week, but on Sunday Nov. 19th. Chances are the same people who slept in front of Best Buy on Wed. night will be there again Sat. night waiting for the Wii (prounounced Weeeeeee!, long e sound) Official Nintendo Wii website. This is also a next gen system but is not quite as hardcore as the PS3. It is actually targeted towards everyone from the hardcore basement dwellers to the very casual gamer. And it is priced to move at only $249! Seems like a deal compared to the PS3 doesn't it? It also features a motion sensitive controller.

The future is bright for gamers this holiday season. And don't worry, you can play all your old Gamecube and PS1 and PS2 games on the new systems. My plan is to buy all the used games being traded in to pay for these fancy new game systems. There are quite a few games that are amazing that I have not played at all. It is one disadvantage of having married friends and friends with lives. No one has any time for some good hardcore gaming anymore.

Ugh, fine. I'll share my Nawlins tale of woe:
So I'm walking around killing time in the morning until my flight leaves. I'm wearing my backpack on looking uber-touristy and this guy stops me and says "Hey I bet you $20 I can tell you where you got those shoes." WTF? Who is this guy and how the hell does he know where I bought these shoes. Stupid rube that I was (am) said "Okay." He makes me shake on it and says you'll honor your word right? Suckering me into thinking this is a wager of honor instead of just a scam. So he says "You got those shoes on Broad Street!" And has a big smile on his face. Then asks for his money. I seriously cannot believe it when my hand goes in my pocket and pulls out a twenty. He says thanks and walks away, leaving me feeling like the biggest sucker in the world and can't waiting to get out of New Orleans fast enough. So if anyone anywhere ever comes up to you and says this just scream and run away. You'll thank me later.

I'll be in ATL this Sunday at the Turner Field Green Lot for an autocross. If you're in the area, please stop by and say hey. It should be a nice day albeit a tad chilly (by Southern standards, it'll be nice and warm to people with actual cold weather).

Preview of tomorrow: My comments and thoughts on the HBO documentary J and I watched last night titled Thin. It was about patients at a eating disorder clinic near Tampa. (I think) (Weird, just checked their website, the Renfrew Center, and it's in Philly. Why did I think it was in FL?)


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