Tuesday, November 14, 2006



I got conned in Nawlins last time I was there. I still feel like such a rube. I'll share the story last night. It's on my lifetime list of regrets. At least it was only a twenty spot.

My parents are coming into town this weekend. First time they'll get to see the cats. Julio has been throwing up daily. At least I think it's Julio. He's also been having excess eye boogers. I think we're gonna call the doc and get his opinion.

I feel ESC's pain about the dirty house. Since the wedding we have all these gifts and nowhere to put them. We're in the process of taking our old stuff to Goodwill (Salvation Army actually) and finding homes for the new items. We need to take a trip to Ikea for some "affordable Swedish crap". Matt Groening said it, not me, okay Swedes.

Heroes sucked last night. I was hooked but can already feel it turning into Lost. The never ending introduction of new characters and story lines with nothing ever being resolved. It didn't completely suck but it was exciting either. See when you introduce new characters, you do so at the expense of your other characters. You only have 44-48 minutes of showtime and all these new characters take away from the others. So the new waitress who recently developed a photographic memory was cute and sweet, but what the hell was the point? To make Hiro use his powers and time travel? You could've cut a good 5-6 minutes off that story line. And what was the deal with Mohinder's story line? So he had a sister, you didn't tell us how she died or why she's important, other than she was "special", so why should we care? None of these other "special" people have done much that is very exciting, except for the female characters who kick ass. Ali Larter's character is a schizo whose other half is some sort of ninja assasin, and Hayden Panetierre's character is a Wolverine-esque cheerleader who can regenerate flesh and bones. At one point she had her chest cavity open (she had a tree in her brain and was kinda dead, but she was better once they took that out) and just flopped her skin closed and voila! All better.

So please Heroes, don't be like Lost. No new characters and actually resolve a few things. We'll tune in next season, I promise.


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