Monday, November 13, 2006


The new Toyota Hiatus!

No I'm not taking one, but it has been 4 days since my last confession (post). I've just always wanted to say that. I think I would start making stuff up though, just to see if I could get a rise out of the priest. "I bathed in honey, then rolled in peanut butter and had impure thoughts about a menage trois with Roseanne and Rosie O'Donnell." Wow, I almost made myself vomit.

J and I took a jaunt over to Greenville last night. We did a little "Thanks for the giftcards!" shopping. We acquired a couple recipe books from Williams & Sonoma and J got a Smores bundt cake mix, which should be delicious. Then we went to Bed, Bath, etc.. and I got a new pillow! Hooray! I slept on it last night and it works wonderfully. I also bought an inexpensive double boiler. It was $20 as opposed to All-Clad's ceramic $170 double boiler. It's like a training double boiler. Theoretically I will be making various treats for Christmas presents this year. Covered pretzels and cookies and maybe some dried fruit or whatever else pops in my mind that sounds good. I saw choco-covered potato chips at the Rocky Mountain Choco Factory in the mall yesterday, so after seeing that I'm not afraid to try new and strange things covered in chocolate. No bugs. Or vegetables. I promise.

Then we had an appetizer dinner at TGIFs. I had the piñ a-colada wings and J had the triple meat fundido, which is one of those cast iron skillets filled with cheese, sausage, pepperoni, tomato and chives with 5 breadsticks for dipping. It's like dippable pizza. Very good especially for cheese junkies.

Then we went to see Borat. It was very funny. And I'm soooo glad that the drunken redneck frat boys were from South Carolina and not Alabama or any other Southern state. Yeah, these guys. Poor Gamecocks. You guys should watch more HBO. Funny and irreverent. I think my favorite scene is the dining society at the Magnolia Mansion in Nawlins. It is 3 couples of which one is a minister. Borat proceeds to insult the minister's wife by saying his country would go crazy for the 2 wives, but the other one (minister's wife), not so much. The minister's face at this point is freaking priceless. Then he asks to use the restroom and comes back holding what is supposed to be a bag of his feces and is asking where he should dispose of it. Even this merely frazzled his very gracious hosts. But what sent it over the edge is Borat had a "friend" arrive who was a very lovely call girl. It was almost as if the minister knew her. He gets up and says I have to go and bolts out the door, seemingly leaving his wife behind. Then they threaten to call the cops and all semblance of Southern Hospitality flies out the window. Awesome.

Random Movie Club, you are welcome for the link and thank you for the lovely email. He founded the club and runs it and She posts his write-ups and is the blog reader. And she's a chemist! So major bonus points for her.

It's okay Anonymous. I'm sure RMC forgives you. I think we saw one Asian/Caucasian cake topper but it was lame. Vaguely related is J's saying of "Once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian." Those wacky Orientals.

PoP, we were going for the Fall look despite the fact that we were in the Land of No Seasons, so we accomplished this with our colors. And thank you!

Smoove, you would think that someone out there would realize that there are interracial couples who get married and that would be a good business idea. But I guess not. And the bridesmaid in the middle in this pic

is a high school friend of J's who lives in DC. I'll tell J to put in a good word for you.
I personally have never seen either Kentucky Fried Movie.

And J was made at me for including the pic of her eating and wanted me to include this one instead.

And no we didn't smush the cake in each other's face. I think my mom would've killed me for starters and we probably would've taken off some of J's make-up. I did want to do a cute face smash, just dab a little on her nose, but thought my hand would slip or J would freak, so I just took my bite of cake. And an extra swipe of frosting because it was delicious.

Very cute flower girl, niece of one of the bridesmaids. She was not super cooperative, but she was just there to be cute anyways. She's smack dab in the middle of the Terrible 2s.



The real (read: expensive) photos should arrive either this week or next week. I'll share those once I have them.

All the photos so far have been taken and posted by my father. Thanks Dad!


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