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I saw that recently. Where did that Q come from? Do the Queens really have enough pull to add yet another constonant onto the already vowel free LGBT? I'm just assuming that's what the Q stood for. I guess it could be queer, but isn't that already covered? For anyone who doesn't know what that acronym stands for wikipedia is your friend.

Wow, apparently there is discussion even on using LGBT
Many people also believe that a sharp distinction should be drawn between sexual orientation and gender identity.

As stated before, I have no gay or lesbian friends. There is one guy but we don't really hang out and he has the added bonus of sharing my name, so I would go above and beyond the call of duty based on that alone. Us Seths have to stick together.

J and I finished the 3rd season of the L Word over Thanksgiving. It's a good show and we are hooked on all the characters. And Eric Roberts made a cameo in the season finale! A newer character is named Max who used to be called Moira who is currently transitioning from a woman into a man. And "All My Children" is adding a transgender to their storyline. Although their character will go from man to woman. I would make a hideous woman for the record. And I love my penis. Love it to death.

I keep seeing a sticker in Hot Topic (I buy the occasional shirt there) that says "We are everywhere" in rainbow colors. I want to buy a sticker to show my support of the LGBT community, but J's point of "then they would think you're gay" is a valid one. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but I think a PFLAG sticker would get the point across and avoid any major misunderstandings. Ooooh, I like this message

But I'll probably just stick with a PFLAG bumper sticker.

No I don't put bumper stickers on my car but I make my own magnets with them. We (the 3 car guys) bought large sheets of magnets so we could make our own numbers. With the left over magnet, I have been using them to make magnetic bumper stickers that ironically won't stick on my bumper because it's plastic. But I sport them on Focus during autocrosses. So far I have a couple Grassroots Motorsports (magazine) stickers and some NASA Rally Sport stickers (we usually race with the competing Sports Car Club of America where NASA is the national auto sport association).

Tomorrow will be a recap of our Thanksgiving meal, our first since the wedding which was less than a month ago. Inspired of course by ESC's post of the same.


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