Thursday, November 09, 2006


I need to get up earlier

I just need to suck it up and start getting up when J leaves at 6:30. It seems like it is worth it to go back to sleep for an hour but it is just that much harder to get up on time. Looks like I'll be the first one in to work for a change. I like getting here early though. It's almost like you have more time in the day. I'll keep you posted.

Hey! It did work! My dad uploaded his pics to Walgreens' shared photo site. This is when we turn around and the minister introduced us as a couple for the first time.

Our Precious Moments cake topper because we couldn't find a white guy with an Asian bride anywhere.

Mmmmmm, waffles with the new in-laws.

Me with the Rev. Please notice the two guys in the background. The one in the white shirt is our DJ. Luckily he did change his shirt before the ceremony started.

I forgot where I was in the wedding story so you'll just have to take these pictures for now.

Edit: I also added a new link to the sidebar. Under "Special Interest Blogs" I've added the Random Movie Club. If you live in LA and want to watch movies and eat pizza and aren't a douchebag, send them an email and attend their next event. If you don't live in LA, but want to read some movie reviews, please enjoy. RMC left a comment (he's a frequent lurker) and now he has a link. See? It pays to comment. But I also like his site and love the RMC idea. He did NOT like Kentucky Fried Movie. (I'm just assuming he's a he. Sorry if you're not.)


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