Monday, November 20, 2006


I am the Decider

I have decided that if there is not a new update on Tucker's story before Thanksgiving, then he will be relegated back to this year and lose the top spot. Sorry boy.

Decent weekend. Got to see my parents, they stayed with us Thurs. night and then again last night. They leave this morning to go back to the 'Ham, Birming that is. They also ate dinner with us on Friday. J made a wonderful Italian stew (can't remember the name of it) but it had savoy cabbage, onions, carrots and bread was added at the end. And there was some tomato paste so it was very hearty and delicious.

I might be turning to eBay for my Kitchenaid. Craigslist hasn't been too helpful. But the color I want (onyx black, anyone remember Onyx? Their big hit was "Slam!") goes for alot more than the white. So I might end up getting white and then repainting it. I'll keeps ya posted.

So Mom and Dad ate with us Friday and then they had to leave to go back and visit with the pastor and his wife at whose house they were staying. So once they left, J and I watched TV, fooled around, and then slept. Saturday was much of the same, except Sat. also involved football! The Ohio State/Michigan game lived up to the hype (unless you like defense) and the Iron Bowl - Auburn/Alabama game was also good even though it was on at the exact same time. War Eagle!

I think I'm an Auburn fan. I'm from Alabama so you are forced to pick a side at a very early age. I just remember having some Auburn clothing or a hat and Tigers are cooler than elephants. BUT most of my friends either went to undergrad at Alabama (technically the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa but no one besides my grandfather calls it that) or went to law school at 'Bama or both.

This is all American college football talk. ESPN or someone did a survey and the two biggest rivalries are Ohio State/Michigan and Alabama/Auburn. There are many others (Florida/Florida St., Georgia/Georgia Tech) but none are as big as those two.

Then we went to the store and J finally got her Tetris for our Nintendo DS and I picked up the Game Boy Advanced re-release of the Super Nintendo Zelda game "A Link to the Past". My brother and I played it alot and I can honestly say the graphics are just as good as they were on the Super Nintendo, which is sad and cool at the same time.

I stayed up until about midnight playing Tetris via the DS' wi-fi against people around the world. Then went to sleep only to wake up at 5 am to get ready to head to ATL for some hot autocross action!

I'll be right back.....

Oh good, you're still here.

So I get up and am glad that I got most everything together the night before. I throw some snacks and drinks in a bag and head outside. It is at this time that I am very thankful that I am wearing long johns and many layers. It's windy and cold. Get to Protege's house (I'll be co-driving Protege aka Turboge today) and find that he is already outside warming the car up. Sweet. He has a bed reputation for over-sleeping. Throw my stuff in his car and we go to Subaru's house and meet the rest of our caravan. We get on the road and then exit at 104 off of I-85 for some breakfast and bathroom breaks. I get some gas station cappucino, french vanilla of course. For those not fortunate enough to have experienced gas station "fancy" coffee, it consists of hot water and a very sugary powdery milky powder. Yum.

Back on the road and roll into Turner Field parking lot (the lot directly across the street from the field where Fulton County Stadium once stood) around 7:45-8 am. Change tires, walk the course, etc...

Then we get to race. Damn it's slippery! They just repaved a couple weeks ago and cold race tires make for an oversteering nightmare. My first cautious run is the only one where I don't spin. 1 of 3 clean runs. Bleh, but we get 3 more in the opposite direction this afternoon.

Much better, but had a nasty spin on my last run. That turbo definitely makes some power, but on a cold day slippery day like yesterday, I definitely missed driving Focus.

I'll be trying to track down a nagging exhaust leak on Focus probably on Wed. And we have also decided to stay here once again for Turkey Day! No driving, yay! And is it the Thurs. paper that has all the Black Friday sale info? I'll pick up one of those and see if I can't find myself a deal I can't live without.

Moral of the story: I'll be blogging right through Thanksgiving. Oh right, and another reason we didn't want to go anywhere is the Clemson/South Carolina game on Saturday. That is our rival football game and we're trying to make it 5 straight wins versus the Carolina Gamecocks. Check out the history from a Cock's point of view.


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