Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Democracy rulez!

J and I voted yesterday. Electronically as a matter of fact. I voted for some people that I had never heard of (for county council or something) and comptroller general and voted down our incumbent Gov. "SC will always be last in education so why try and make it better" Sanford. But that GOP jerk still won. And my district's congressman was running unopposed AGAIN! But I get to move to wherever my new job will take me, so I'm not going to worry about trying to make this state better. CNN's coverage of the ballot measures is enlightening. Looks like no one wants those durn gays getting hitched in their state. SC's vote was a nail-biter at 815,601 "LGBTs suck" to 229,632 "LGBTs are people too". Not that I was surprised, even a little. They don't call it the Bible Belt for nothing.

In fact I was going over the results both locally and nationally with another group member and mentioned that I was one of the 230k who voted "No" on that amendment to the state constitution and J was too, and then he said that both our votes were cancelled out by his and his wife's. Great.

I'm tired of having progressive views in this state. But I'm not getting discouraged because that's what they want you to do. Give up and stop voting. NEVER! My grandpa's both fought in world wars so that I could vote however the hell I want. If I want to write in "Trashman" for every position, then I can. And J actually wrote-in my name for a few of the positions running unopposed, isn't she sweet?

We were discussing it again at lunch and J and I voted for the Libertarian candidate for the Superintendent of schools (who garnered a whopping 1.82% of the votes) but we really need more 3rd party candidates to run for the larger offices. But they need to be viable and well spoken candidates. Most seem crazy or only care about one issue. But by now there should be enough people who are disenfranchised with this 2 Party Democracy of ours that enough people will "throw away their vote" and make the Reps and the Dems stand up and take notice. Some day.


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